Contract Risk Management
and Compliance Services

Every business entity has to manage their own combination of risks in order to be successful. Memphis Consulting Group, LLC., understands the crucial role contractual risks have. We help businesses identify, assess, and prioritize such risks to ensure proper execution of contracts. The services we provide to combat possible liabilities include contract risk management and compliance.

Contract Risk Management Services:

We assist organizations and companies implement and monitor contracts they have with business partners. We focus on helping companies achieve their profit goals through assuring compliance by their partners and assessing the financial and regulatory impact of the material provisions of relevant agreements. Our services cover tax incentive agreements such as Payments-In-Lieu-of Taxes, software licensing inspections, and revenue-sharing inspections.


We collaborate with organizations, companies, and quasi-governmental entities to achieve and maintain their compliance objectives by addressing the documentation, design, implementation, and maintenance of comprehensive compliance management systems. As a result, we help agencies achieve their transparency and economic development goals.

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