Health Care Consulting Services

The health care industry is the most heavily regulated and one of the most complex industries in the United States. Companies operating in this industry are subject to financial, compliance, and reputational risk.

Is your company ready to deal with changes in the health care industry? Can you cope with reduced Medicare reimbursements and increased scrutiny from governmental agencies? Are you ready for Electronic Health Records? How effective are your strategies and preparedness for ICD-10?

Please consider us if one or more of the red flags below exist in your health care company.

  • You have not conducted a thorough risk assessment to map exposure and identify gaps in the context of applicable laws and regulations, that might expose your company to enforcement activities.
  • Revenue Management continues to be a headache. Write-offs are substantial and consistently exceed agreed allowances with insurers. Reimbursement notices are not followed up and duplications exist in patient accounts.
  • Compliance Consulting and Risk Assessment Services
  • Revenue Turnaround Services

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